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Backpack II (2020)

Protect your privacy in style. The Anti-Surveillance Backpack II
is the new and improved version of Project KOVR’s 2016
Anti-Surveillance Backpack.

Project KOVR's Anti-Surveillance Backpack II is protecting your privacy

By using multiple layers of metalliferous fabrics the backpack functions as a wearable Faraday cage, blocking every incoming and outgoing signal. Use this physical off-switch to keep your phone, laptop, car keys, bank cards and other (smart) devices safe from anyone -or anything- that wants your information. Want to stay connected? The black pockets allow you to still be reachable with your device of choice.

Wear it your way, combine the two pieces or wear them separate. Your privacy, your style. You decide.

The Anti-Surveillance Backpack II is made in commission with, and on display at, the House of European History in Brussels.

Coat Type II (2017)

Project KOVR launches a new and even smarter design of the digital invisibility cloak. Disconnect in style, wear it your way. You decide.

Project KOVR's Anti-Surveillance Coat Type II is protecting you and your privacy

It’s here. Project KOVR launches a new and even smarter design of the Anti-Surveillance Coat. The ASC Type II is a privacy protection coat that is made so your data is safe while allowing you to be ‘disconnected’. Protect yourself and your privacy in style with this unisex coat that can be worn inside-out.

The ASC Type II protects you and your privacy. By using multiple layers of metalliferous fabrics it creates a wearable Faraday cage, blocking every incoming and outgoing signal. Want to stay connected? The black pockets allow you to still be reachable with your device of choice. You decide.

Stay human in our information-driven environment.

Order your own Anti-Surveillance Coat Type II

The Anti-Surveillance Coat Type II will be created by hand at Project KOVR’s studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is a limited edition series of only 10 pieces. With every number comes an artist certificate with the details of that particular coat. There are various sizes to choose from. In consultation we will find the best suitable one for you. Please contact us if you're interested in this limited offer.

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Specifications ASC-Type II

  • Unisex
  • Fully reversible, wear it inside out
  • Water-resistent
  • Two side pockets on the silver side, to keep your devices offline and safe
  • One black pocket on the chest (silver side), to stay reachable
  • Two side pockets on the black side, to stay reachable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comes with an artist certificate and unique number
  • Only 10 will be (hand)made

If you have any questions regarding the specifications please contact us.

Coat Type I (2016)

This metalliferous Anti-Surveillance Coat blocks every incoming
and outgoing signal. Protecting you and your privacy.

The Anti-Surveillance Coat Type I (2016)

The Anti-Surveillance Coat protects you and your privacy
against the threats of our information-driven environment.

The Anti-Surveillance Coat is constructed of different layers of metalliferous fabrics that works like the principle of the Faraday cage. This means that every incoming and outgoing signal will be blocked, keeping you and your data safe from radiation. It covers your complete body and falls all the way down to your legs.

The design comes with a hood that allows you to be completely covered. Let's not forget that a very important part of the design is the black pocket at the front of the coat. We believe in well-regulated forms of technological progression. This means that you have to be reachable whenever and wherever you want to. The black pocket gives you this option.

Backpack (2016)

With a stainless steel reinforced shell. Use the black front pocket to stay reachable with your device of choice

Protective Sleeves

Your phone as well as the chips on your cards contain valuable information which can be accessed by unwanted parties. Protect all of your cards and make your mobile phone untraceable.

You Were Here (2016)

Visitors see themselves being layered over previous visitors. Everyone leaves behind a trail. This will be captured by the installation and accompanied by hauling sounds of radiowaves. A Big Brother-esque experience of the (invisible) infosphere.

Project KOVR workshops

In order to create more awareness regarding privacy, Project KOVR has developed and is developing workshops for the youth.

'Digitaal Stalken'

Become and behave like an algorithm

Students all know that we’re being followed and watched. The websites you’re looking at, the items you’re selecting, the games you’re playing and the location you’re at. This information leads to a digital profile of every individual on the internet. This form of data profiling is done with algorithms.

In this workshop the student becomes such an algorithm. By stalking an unknowing person, gathering information and making a profile about this person, the students find out that the information might be very incorrect and privacy sensitive..

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This analogue workshop is especially developed for high schoolers to experience and learn how an algorithm (mis)behaves. Interested in booking a workshop? Contact us or the Creative Tech Academy (website is in Dutch).

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Custom workshops

Get in touch for a custom workshop idea, or to find out what we’re currently developing. We’d love to think with you and your specific wishes, in order to create even more awareness regarding the theme of privacy.

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